Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

The owner, designer, manufacturer and sustainability planner Udvar Henriette Timea with her small group.

UHT is a protected trademark, that exists since 2014. Our product range consists of different type of clothes, but mainly evening dresses, wedding dresses. How can these clothes be lasting, since a lot of times they are only worn one night? UHT sometimes uses old, but unused textile or re-uses textile of old pieces of clothing, which were made out of quality materials.

“I reuse laces, beads, fabric or such other parts of clothes that I can use to create something new. Of course, there are always a need for buying new materials, which, again, I do carefully, with special attention to sustainability criterias. I buy materials from different resellers in different countries, looking for certifications.” 

At UHT, there is an option to rent dresses for different occasions.

The sewing studio of UHT offers services for its clients, for example the own UHT design, modifications, carvings of existing dresses, custom works, stylist works, setting up outfits, and the examination of old clothes staying in the wardrobe for so long: which are the ones that can fit in quality and design, and also fits your style. If you think you own dresses that could be fashionable pieces with a little modifications, UHT does that for you too. We also offer style consultancy.

It is important for employees to be skilled, experienced, which is needed for further advancement. For UHT, it is important that workers feel well here and to enjoy cooperation with the UHT Fashon House. “When I think of the employéé, (s)he is more, than an employéé! A friend who works for the same thing, to create a more friendly atmosphere for fashion, to be passionate towards textile, fashion and sustainability.”

“Sustainability means a lot for me, where fashion, implementation, tradition, great design, human rights and wealth, creativity, possibility for thriving and durability.” – Udvar Henriette Timea

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“How could we describe the indescribable? A philosophy, a sense, a way of sight, a composition or color harmony?! I could only describe it in a simple way: you need to feel it! It’s exactly what I do.”

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